About Dr. Clifford Gelman

Dr. Cliff Gelman


Dr. Clifford Gelman’s impressive biography includes being a Board-Certified, U.S. trained, former U.S. Air Force general surgeon. He graduated within the top ten percent of his medical school class at the Rush University College of Medicine in Chicago. During his tenure there, he was elected to the prestigious Alpha Omega Alpha Medical Honor Society and earned the Ramsey Outstanding Scholarship Award.

Dr. Gelman’s surgical expertise encompasses a wide range of surgical areas with extensive additional training and experience in hair restoration, hair transplantation and hair loss. Specializing in hair restoration, Dr. Gelman has had training with internationally renowned hair restoration surgeons. Dr. Gelman’s training has helped him to master all surgical and artistic aspects of hair transplantation.

Society Memberships

  • American College of Surgeons, Fellow
  • International Society of Hair Restoration Surgeons


  • “The Effects of Lasers, Electrocautery, and Sharp Dissection on Cutaneous Tissue Flaps”, Gelman CL et al, Plastic Reconst Surg 1994 Nov, 94 (6): 829-33
  • “Preperitoneal Bilateral Inguinal Herniorrhaphy Evolution of a Technique from
    Conventional Top Laparoscopic”
     J.M. Velasco, C. Gelman, V.L. Vallina, Surgical
    Endoscopy (1996) 10: 122-127

Graduate Medical Research

  • Extensive work with Nd: YAG and CO2 lasers and wound healing
  • Clinical research in techniques of laparoscopic hernia repair