Our Practice

Since 2012, Dr. Cliff Gelman‘s practice has provided modern hair restoration techniques to male and female patients. Located just a short trip from Orlando in Melbourne along Florida’s beautiful Space Coast, many patients travel to see Dr. Gelman for his unique blend of technical expertise and competitively priced approach to restoring confidence.

“Our mission within our practice is simply to grow confidence for our patients by turning back the clock on hair loss.”

– Cliff Gelman, MD, FACS

At Gelman Hair Restoration, the focus is on our patients’ individual goals. Dr. Gelman is the only hair restoration surgeon in Brevard County offering true follicular unit extraction, also known as FUE. In this procedure, Dr. Gelman carefully selects donor sites leaving essentially no scarring or evidence of hair follicle removal. It is a significantly different procedure than the previous use of “plugs” utilized in the past.

Dr. Gelman understands budgets and personal hair goals range for each person. While FUE hair transplant is the gold standard for the field, many patients elect to have donor hair removed in a strip from the back of the head where hair loss rarely occurs. Financing options are available and can often be completed in the comfort of your own home in advance of your procedure.

Please contact us to set up your first consultation for free with Dr. Gelman to discuss your hair restoration options.