Low Level Light Therapy Cap

The Capillus low level light therapy cap device aims to prevent hair loss by strengthening existing hair using low level light therapy to treat your scalp at home or while out and about.

Low Level Light Therapy is believed to increase cell metabolism for thicker, lustrous and more durable hair.  The Capillus272™ laser device is the best way to deliver LLLT to your scalp because it covers the entire region simultaneously and leaves no room for user error. The process is simple… just wear it under any hat of your choosing. It is completely portable so you can wear it as you go about your normal activities for a few minutes every other day or as instructed by your Capillus hair expert. Many patients prefer it because it won’t dirty your hair like some topical solutions for hair loss. The Capillus272™ Laser is the most powerful home-use device on the market with 272 lasers each with 5mW of power at 650 nm for a total power output of 1.360W.

Capillus laser therapy can be used alongside other methods of hair loss treatment, including topical solutions, prescription medication and even hair transplants. Hair restoration surgeons recommend it as a complement for their hair transplant patients as a way to provide maintenance to the transplanted hair. It helps keep the transplanted hair stronger, preventing it from more thinning over time. It also aims to keep the hair surrounding the transplanted hair strong as well as reducing inflammation after hair transplantation. It also has been known to enhance the effect of the topical solutions.

The Capillus272™ is a low-level light therapy device that fits securely on your head, under any cap or hat of your choice. It is powered by a battery pack that clips to any belt or pant waist, allowing mobility and the ability to go about regular activities during use. It features 272 lasers at a low power wattage of 5mW and wavelength of 650 nm – which for its red color – and, according to the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgeons, is the laser light used for treatment of pattern hair loss.